Sunday, 19 September 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sitting comfortably - square sofas too? Then I will begin>>>>>
Q - Abba Music......

I have a Snow White dream a fairytale to sing

To have a gnome to help this wannabe Disney princess clean every untidy and dirty thing

I can see the wonder to wish for lots of cash

particularly when this money didn't vanish in a flash

So as not to tire my gnome
I would wish for a pair

Two lovely work sharing gnomes
To provide me my wishes between them fair and square!

If I got my dream I'd smile like a cat who got the cream!

End of first verse! Do you want some more? Not impressed with me photographing £2,000,000 in UK £20 Sterling notes!!! No - you want something else? Yes, well ok then! How about.........

Some Michael Chiwawakson?
What can he do with the words Dream, Clean, Money, Pair & Square?!

She told me her name was Billie Dream, who liked everything really clean
Then every head turned with eyes that wished they were the one
On the floor, having won many a pound, in a lottery round.

Mother always told me be careful what you wish
and don't go around looking like a mess

And mother always told me be careful to save some cash
Find a nice person in which to pair,

and not someone who is too square

Spongebob wasn't around then though!

Do you think my dream might come true, winning the lottery (odds stack against this), Anders & Dexter dressing up as gnomes and doing some tidying for me?! Ha, ha, ha, that would be so funny, not for them but definitely for me!

Well in the meantime I can always watch one of my favourite Japanese film animation directors Hayao Miyazaki and get lost in the story - each film he has made is so beautiful to watch and they all have a definite dreamy quality which leave your heart feeling happy.


  1. I love your story! The cat photo is to funny. You gotta love Abba. My favorite is the single gnome and the mushroom. Great job!

  2. Your posts are always so interesting. Nice pictures, I love the pair of dogs!

  3. You always crack me up but I especially the cat with the hat...funny stuff. Have a great week!

  4. what an entry!!! I have to agree the cat is great

  5. Interesting take on all of the words for this week!

  6. Still giggling about getting a pair... sometimes I think my sense of humor belongs in a 12 year old boy!

    Love me some ABBA!

  7. job very well done!!

    That kitty kills me...too funny! The square image is very cool and I am jealous of your sofa.

  8. I vote this the most creative scavenger hunt! Great job!

  9. Listening to Abba.... you are so fun to visit!


    Nice photography and sharing as always!

    Here is mine:

    (late again)