Thursday, 2 September 2010

The pure thoughts of Kingston!

Here is handsome Kingston. I saw him last night as I was happily getting a few bits and pieces for dinner whilst Dexter was at guitar practice.

I was in a relaxed and jovial mood, because Marvin & Carly had been away at Dogmore (doggie daycare which they love although Carly has had to be separated to a "ladies only" area for now!!!).

Now, the past week has been pretty much annoying with my two mainly because Carly went into her first season! I had seen Kingston the other evening too whilst walking Marvin & Carly and Marvin warned Kingston to not go near Carly (which he does not normally do). Kingston, being the gentleman he is (in part as he has no clackers (not that Marvin knows that)), was not actually interested in Carly. Kingston had his desires set on Dexter's bouncy ball. Marvin on the other hand very very confused (god bless)!

My, oh my, Marvin cries as though he needs the loo, you take him out and he wants back in he is driving me and Anders insane! He paces up and down, completely confused. He desperately wants to hump his sister (banjo music playing), but knows that he is bottom of our pack so doesn't attempt it.

He is also confused by me and Anders passing up on this opportunity (faster banjo playing music)!!! Carly clearly smells Divine to him (and all the other intact male dogs), and she teases Marvin by resting on her front legs and extending her long legs and bum (in her black panties) in the air - and I do feel for him, but alas he is not going to get his way, and he does know it!

Another week to go and her season should be over and six to eight weeks after that she will be going to the vet! Marvin is normally really laid back and placid enough (and actually he still is in the grand scheme of things) hence why he has not had his clackers chopped, and Carly, well we were told not to have her spayed until after her first season by the vet. Also, we are pretty sure we are not going to let her have puppies, and given that, we don't want the hassle of her having seasons constantly and having the unwanted (by me and Anders) attention being such a cutie she clearly attracts when she is hot to trot!

Thankfully the grey hairs that this will be adding to my collection are masked by the blond. Have to count my blessings and all that!

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