Sunday, 5 September 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday -

Red and yellow..... I sense a similarity......

Did I stumble upon the Colonel or was it Santa taking a holiday before the Christmas rush? No he is rather sharply dressed in red as you can see, so clearly if he is the Colonel then he is off duty too!

But then there are my very own 2 redheads, Marvin (not so sharp) & Carly (too sharp for her own good):

Yep, they look so polite and well mannered. Little does this photo show Carly as being a complete floozy as she is in heat. Here she is kissing him!

Although confused (I did say he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed) about the whole thing Marvin does know his place, that said he is still showing me he is a boy and has big clackers so why am I stopping him helping Carly out!!!

So to calm myself, I have a cup of coffee, and look at my i-phone with it's red cover!
Glad I wasn't wearing this when I saw the Colonel, otherwise they might have thought we were together Mr & Mrs Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Mr & Mrs Clause - not sure which is the better?!

Well the Colonel & Santa clearly like their food, and well, the kitchen is the heart of our home space. Not that I am a Domestic Goddess by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to pretend!

Don't get me wrong, I can cook - but I am no January Jones from Madmen, although I do have an extensive vintage wardrobe which I am sure her wardrobe lady would be impressed with if she saw!

And our home space is full of love, it isn't a place short of that.....

..... and when I think about it, Marvin & Carly sort of match our kitchen home space!

and they too take a great photo!
they can turn the simplest of fences to something really pretty and interesting.

So does Mr Puff, but he is only taking a peek in here to say hello on day 9 of his own 365 day blog! He doesn't want to miss out on anything you see as things are so exciting for him.

Talking about getting excited, Marilyn Monroe gets a lot of people excited with her beauty and here she is singing a song dedicated to one type of rock which makes a lot of ladies get excited......

Diamonds are very sparkly rocks.....

In case you are wondering, this one isn't real but I do

it was!

Come to think of it, a diamond is incredibly sharp too. You use diamonds to cut glass.
I wonder, if the ring was a huge diamond, would it cut through the sharp tongue and sense of humour of Anders!!!
Yep, Ander's thinks he is very funny (and actually he is but shhhhh)
This is what he kindly pointed out to me as we walked along the road from our local butchers shop:

No, not the book on the left, the one on the right - "The day the world exploded Krakatoa"! His nickname for me Krakatoa Crackpot, which he uses if he thinks I am being particularly dumb or demented!
I'm such a lucky girl.

Is Ander's sharply dressed too? He can be but surprisingly he didn't want to dress up for me to photograph him...... so instead here we have my stand in for him, Dexter's Mr Lego who is dressed pretty sharply and Dexter likes a lot - he is pretty sharp.

A vintage tails suit which will make some guy look sharply dressed, but is too small for Anders as I did point it out to him before......

.......and what's this The Colonel/Santa again in a different suit who is following who?!
He seems to have a thing for dressing up, this suit is covered in dragonflies!

He tells me his favourite one is vertically half white and half black - can't wait to spot him wearing that!!!!

And there's my helpful handsome husband in the background of The Colonel. There he is carrying the groceries we got along the road (and just after he showed me the Krakatoa book!). I think he is one hunky prime piece of beef!

awww, love is all around, and thank you for popping by.


  1. Oh I love your balloon and ring shots! Very pretty :)

  2. love your dogs.. love the lego guy.. who is the sharp dressed santa?

  3. Nice pictures, I especially like the one with the heart baloon and the one of you on your phone having coffee.

  4. Another hilarious and fun scavenger hunt

  5. That dude and his suits!!!! Too awesome!

  6. Oh my goodness...I LOVE your dogs :D What a great way to incorporate them into your scavenger hunt. Have a great weekend!

  7. Another awesome post - you are too funny. If only I could piece together all the words the way you do. You're incredible.

  8. hahaha I love your Colonel shots, and the lego one too. Sharply dressed indeed! Your posts make me smile!

  9. Great photos! I love your kitchen!! I like how you tell a story with your pictures.

  10. I love that red balloon shot!!! Red is just such an amazing color. All your red photos are great!

  11. Hahahaha! I just LOVE the little photo of Anders' stand in!! :D And I completely adore the way your Scavenger Hunt Sundays sort of spin and twirl and weave their way from beginning to end, catching all sorts of interesting sights along the way!!

    ps. I know! I'm so excited about ACoLab and now about Scavenger Hunt Sunday too!! (I'm quickly becoming a photo challenge junkie.)

  12. Mr Puff!!!!!! Now I've gotta go watch Ghostbusters!!!! LOVED the RED SUIT SHOT. Fantastic. Seriously enjoyed all these. Great FUN captures.

  13. LOL!!! I look forward to your posts every week...and you did NOT disappoint!!! Great shots!!! Love the red suit the most I think!

  14. Thank you so much everyone for leaving me a comment. This week was actually rather tough I thought, and so wasn't sure how you would see it especially as last weeks seemed to go down so well. I have a lot of fun doing these, and I just hope I can keep you all interested and coming back to read my entry leaving with a smile.

    Genuinely, I am so very grateful for all your comments xo to you all from little old me!

  15. Where DO you find all these characters?! Such good fortune!! I love these shots RM, really great. And I am very jealous of your kitchen.

  16. So funny! But I am truly a dog fan! They are beautiful!