Friday, 17 September 2010

Black Cat's Eye!

As I walked Marvin & Carly yesterday, we were spotted by a black cat which didn't seem too happy to see my two! He was sat up high on a wall, and was just lovely, my two were oblivious to it they are so used to Dexter the cat and Wee Girl before that!

As an aside, we took both Marvin & Carly to the vet yesterday and they both got their annual booster jabs and also one each for kennel cough as they go to Doggie Day Care on a Wednesday and hang out with lots of other dogs.

Anyway, the Vet checked them both over, they are both perfectly healthy and I commented that Carly had just not long come out of her first season, but her boobies were still rather large, is that what happens to female dogs (having only previously had male dogs)?

Turns out, she is having a phantom pregnancy (definitely not pregnant, he checked her thoroughly)! He laughed saying it is quite common for this to happen - wonder if she knows her mummy is due to give birth I believe either today or next Friday - and I don't mean me!!!!


  1. perfect photos for Halloween!

    Phantom odd.

  2. We always had black cats growing up, for some reason we never minded the old bad luck claim.

  3. Funnily enough over here a black cat is a sign of good luck!