Monday, 20 September 2010

£2,000,000 in cash

Well if I did have that money to spend, then that would be worth dancing to!
As Dolly at Xmas Dolly kindly asked me to have a spotlight dance over at her blog, I am going to put up 5 songs that take me back to the 80's - oh, when I think about the 80's, it was all about extravagance, so I am going indulge myself with 5 songs (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)!!!

Hard to keep your hands off that sort of money!

Pennies, Nickles, Dimes, Quarter Bills, $100 Dollar Bills....
Whose taken all the money?

Well "Word Up" it is literally £2,000,000 in £20 sterling notes!
I couldn't think of a favourite song, nope, I couldn't have just a few records to take with on a desert island - way too many. Like that answer or not, take me as you find me, love me, hate me but as the last song says:-
"I am what I am"!!!

I am sure we could all do a lot of things with that money so I hope you find the 5 chosen spotlight songs worthy of gyrating some hips and fantasising! :-)


Why not go over and say "Hello XmasDolly" at Monday's Music Moves Me and see what makes other people want to dance on a Monday!


  1. Love all your choices! Nothing compares to 80's music, does it? ;)

    I'm playing along this week - and I'm now following you! ;)

    Monday's Music Move Me

  2. I absolutely LOVE all of your selections. The song that I kept thinking about when you were talking about money was this one though:

  3. Stacy, thanks for following and I like your choice :-)

    Tami, you are right, your song would go well with the money, didn't think of it, the song that I kept thinking of was Prince Charles and Cash Money and hadn't heard it for such a long time either (won't say how long though!!!)

  4. Great songs and 80's!!:) following you now!!!

  5. You're so could you pass over some of those bills?

  6. Great choices! Dude Looks Like A Lady is one of my favorite 80s songs.

  7. What a great really dit it! My favorite? "Me no Popeye, you no Olive Oil"....ha, ha ha! I had to listen to it twice before I could figure out what they were saying. Congratulations on being in the spotlight this week! I'm following you now and I hope you come visit and follow me too. I'd like it so much if we were blogging buddies..."me no Popeye, you no Olive Oil", ha! ha! ha! Happy Monday!

  8. Ashley if only I could pass you some of those bills - the bank museum had £2,000,000 in cancelled notes - what's the use in that I ask, what a waste - they could have given them to me and I would have found a lot of ways of cancelling them for them instead of having a big blue stamp across them!!!

    I too love Dude looks like a Lady, and if you saw me running you would see that even step in time (and if no-one is watching or in ear shot I sing and dance too)!!! Ha, ha, ha - makes running so much more fun.

    Look forward to getting to know my new followers, and big x and o to the ones I already know and love - aint I sweet!!!

  9. Well HELLO right back! Love all your choices. Dude look lke a lady was my favorite when it first came out, but I love Aerosmith anyway. Oh, and "WORD"~! Remember that? All the kids were saying that! Man, I haven't heard that song in so long! Love em' all & thanks for being in our Spotlight Dance. Now off to recruit some new members - I hope! PASS THE WORD! HUGS & I ALREADY FOLLOW! Hope to see you next week too!

  10. The only two I remember was Aerosmith and Cameo... thanks for the other three to introduce me to some new (albeit old) music.
    Thanks for playing along and enjoying your spotlight dance to the full!
    I love your tribute to Dolly, "Hello, Dolly" is such a great song and I had the privilege of seeing the great Carol Channing sing it live in theater during the production of the musical.
    Hope you continue to play along with us and get some wonderful follower while you do.
    Have a great week!

  11. These are very good picks.

    I was just watching Mrs Doubtfire the other day with that AeroSmith Dude look like a lady song.

    Congrats on being featured.

    I'm your new follower!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. I have a serious 80's groove on - just might get me through a long day at work tomorrow