Friday, 3 September 2010

Coffee Morning with a Lookalike!

I was so tired at the beginning of the week Monday (bank holiday it was in the UK) morning, I desperately needed a coffee so took a picture of my coffee on my i-phone!

I wasn't so tired, that I didn't spot this father & son who came into the cafe where Anders & I were having coffee! They looked so visually amazing, I couldn't believe my luck, a photo opportunity for me to attempt to do some Sartorialist style photos (I wish, but practice will make perfect)!

Individually they would catch your eye walking in somewhere, but together - WOW, they were amazing and my brain soon kicked in saying "get your camera clicking you stupid woman"!
As I chatted to the two of them with Anders smiling, drinking his coffee, and rolling his eyes at my excitement (he has nothing to worry about you see as after the time we have spent together I still think he is the most beautiful man my eyes have feasted upon every single day, warm sigh!

Anyway, back to these two visually interesting chaps, as I finished my coffee, thanked the two chaps for letting me take their photograph and quickly spoke to one of the mums who also happened to be in this cafe whose kid attends Dexter's school, who said "phwoar he is hot, you lucky thing for capturing him" I just laughed and thought, yep, woke me up too (but mine was for purely photographic reasons of course)!

Don't you think the chap on the left looks a little like the late Michael Hutchins from INXS?

Anders I know you will read this, and I assure you, x my heart (with nothing crossed except my heart) yes he was dishy, but not nearly as dishy as you as you well know!

Now poor reader, you are either being violently sick at this show of smoosh, or thinking "awww, wish (or wonder) if my honey is thinking that of me! Sorry if it is the former, and I hope so if it is the latter!

No dirty laundry in my closet, nope - then again, this isn't my laundry!!!


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  1. Just tell Anders you were looking for me - if you can find guys like this you can be my matchmaker any day