Friday, 24 September 2010

Brrrrrr, it is getting very cold here!

3.20 today!

This week the weather has dramatically changed and now not only am I wearing boots, but also my coats have come out too.  I have a LOT of coats, so actually, in one sense I am very happy to wear these friends again!  Because I wear a lot of brightly coloured coats, they seem to add cheer to my day.

The trees too have dramatically changed in colour too, and although there are still some green, most of them have turned and the leaves are rapidly starting to fall off.  Whilst the temperature today was 11.5, it seems a lot colder and the sky was very grey but now there is blue so perhaps the forecast will be correct and the next week will be sunshine and clouds.  In the meantime, Brrrrrrr!

Skywatch Friday 


  1. Love the red coat! We've had a stretch of days in the low 30's so I find it hard to believe fall is coming, but the leaves are starting to turn here too, but I'm still wearing flip flops every chance I get.

  2. The skies are looking very dramatic but it's no where near that cold here. Actually, if it dips into the 60s, we get excited. Love the coat!

  3. that sky is very beautiful! and so are you all bundled up in that fabulous red coat! also, i love your hair by the way.