Friday, 24 September 2010

Old photos from the 50's & early 60's.

My mum was an amazing woman.  I know a lot of people say that about their Mothers, but in my case I say this because I just cannot imagine having had the life she had.  She died 8 months after Dexter was born, and here are some photos which I have looked out which I will share.  The photos (except for 1) appear to have taken place before she met my real father which was around 1953, so I am guessing these were taken in Derby as that is where she first lived when she arrived in the UK after the war at the age of 15/16 with only a suitcase.
Mum first arriving in the UK where she chose to be her home after the war having lost her whole family and being the only surviving member of it.  I do not know any of the other people in the photograph, but I think they may have lived in the dorms she stayed in, or worked in the cotton factory where she first had employment.   My Mother is the lady at the front on the right, not looking happy (understandably) with a dark coat draped over her shoulders.  She was aged about 16 here and had spent the ages of 7+ in Siberia and Africa.

My lovely Mother, I think this picture has such a charm to it.

My Mother the lady on the right with I don't know who!

My Mother in the back row celebrating Christmas, again, don't know who with!

My mother a bridesmaid.  Don't know whose wedding it was.

My Mother on the far right, and wish I knew what her and the other bridesmaid were thinking and talking about!

This is a shot from the early to mid 60's in Poland, I think!

My Mother on the left this time, don't know who with but looks like she was on a date but don't know who with or if that is the case!

My Mother, perhaps on another date!  Don't know who with though.

Same date as above I assume as same ladies are wearing the same dresses.  My Mother on the right and I think looking very lovely.

Again, think same date, my Mother facing the camera.  I think she looked lovely.

My Mother on the left front, not looking so happy though!  Don't know who the other people are.

My Mother looking very smart.

My Mother on the right, love the coat she is wearing on what I assume to be a date!  Ha, ha, ha, I am laughing as if she were around I would be teasing her on her "pulling" power - and good for her (she will be shaking her fist and laughing at me for saying this too).

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  1. These pictures are wonderful! I can kinda see your mother in you. Something about your eyes, and smile. :)

  2. I am so glad you like these pictures. I do too, not just because of their meaning to me, but also because they are of a completely different era.

    Ashley, out of me and my sister, I am the one that most looks like her (sister is our Dad's likeness) and probably you can see me in the mischievous one of her smiling with the other bridesmaid - wonder if she was thinking what I think she might have been - she could be a very naughty lady who I know laughed at her own jokes!!!

  3. lovely. I adore old pictures like these! Your mom was gorgeous...and looks to have lead a really interesting life! I understand how you must treasure these photos <3

  4. Oh it's great you have all theses memorable photos with you. And you said she lived in Derby?oh what a lovely place Peak District, in fact my husband and I had our honeymoon there =)
    Have a great weekend! Hope you could check out my entry too!

  5. Wow such history here and wonderful pictures. I sure wish I had photos of my family like that.

  6. What a lovely mother you have. I wish we could hear some of her stories. I have a feeling she had tons of wisdom we could all learn from.

  7. How wonderful you have these precious photos of your mother. She looks very pretty and determined. I can only imagine what goes through your mind as you consider who the people were and what was going through your mom's mind. She sounds like a remarkable woman.

    Thanks for sharing your photos with us today.


  8. Seems like the later parts of her life were happy, that's good. She does have an amazing beginning to her story. I imagine she must have been a strong woman. Great photos and story!

  9. Wonderful and interesting photos of your mother. I love looking at the old pictures of my mom too.

  10. WOW! those pictures are great! you are SO lucky to have them - so nostalgic.

  11. I love the way you narrated the story behind the pictures. Your mom was indeed a very expressionable woman too. You can tell she had good friends as some pictures showed her arm and arm. I must say that wedding picture she was in that bride didn't look very happy at all! Thanks for sharing. I already follow you, have a great weekend.

  12. Wow!! Those are all wonderful pictures! I love your moms expression in them! She looks like she was alot of fun!