Sunday, 12 September 2010

Full Circle of Family Generations

Family Generations

Yesterday is prehistory
which follows history
and comes before a tomorrow's mystery
sounds very blistery
and I suppose it is, as each one is a story in itself!

A cake has some similarity
it doesn't always give satiety
you can be the first, last or somewhere in the middle
and even when you are the icing on the top, being a slice can be a fiddle
It can be a comfort and delight
a support to tell you everything will be alright
indeed a powerful might
and like generations before, gone in a flash!


  1. excellent! You are ahead of the game!!

    Can you send those images or the link to this post to the gmail address so I can keep all the submissions in one spot? I would appreciate it greatly!!

    That drawing is fabulous! Did you do it??

  2. Thank you Jamie & Anika. I didn't paint the picture though, Anders & I found it in France last year in a little antique shop.