Thursday, 2 September 2010

Why do birds....

and I am not talking about Carly!
no, I am talking this time about Anders!

Queue music:

This morning, as I walked Marvin & Carly, with Anders walking in the correct position of 5 paces behind and slightly to my left (ha, ha, only joking, he was but only because he hurt his knee during Kung Fu yesterday evening and he was taking Dexter to school).

As I walked smiling away, I passed a lady who I had not seen before, and no sooner did she spot me then she looked me up and down and scowled! Yep, scowled, what did I do to deserve this! She didn't see Marvin or Carly so it wasn't someone who didn't like dogs, no!

On seeing this expression, my face took on a bewildered look as if to say "what was that about"? As this thought was going through my head she and I had both taken a further 2 or three paces further and were in the throes of passing, by which point her eyes gazed upon Anders, and her expression changed to that of Seductress and having seen a knight on a horse!

At that point all I could visualise hearing was music playing as Ander's blond hair shone (if it were long it would be swishing), and her eyes sparking and time stopping for her as she looked upon him, frown doing a 180 degree turn to huge smile, her hair giving a little flick, her hand rising up to wave and her opening to shout the phrase "hiya" (scottish version of Hello)! My head did a double take and I just started to quietly laugh...... Anders had seen both expressions too and later said, you were competition and I was prey!

What can I say that the Carpenters can't!


  1. Im so happy to have found your blog through Ashleys Ramblings and Photos. Im now following and cant wait to see more.

    Oh, and I love The Carpenters. :P

  2. Welcome Pam, glad to meet you, make you happy, and look forward to you sticking around.

  3. That first shot is awesome!

  4. Hahaha, I love the way you told this story!! :D

    I had a similar moment at Walmart the other night. Aaron and I (and might I add, our two year old, Jaylee) were walking down the aisle when the "seductress" walked by and, ignoring me, paused to look Aaron up and down. She even physically leaned toward him in a "I almost can't control myself, I must have your body" sort of way. Hahaha. I felt like saying, "Really? I am standing RIGHT HERE."

  5. Oh, my god angela, that is funny and freaky, especially when Walmart sells guns and sharp objects!!! Andrew and I are laughing so loudly at this, think your story tops mine and really glad you told me - xo

  6. I don't even have to tell you that you're a great story teller. Love the photos, as usual.