Tuesday, 14 September 2010

1st Football Match!

This is photos from Dexter's first ever football match for his school. It happened Saturday morning. Their first match of the season against St Mary's Primary and all the boys were so so excited. This is his team getting their first (and only) instruction - they didn't manage to get a rehearsal play yesterday because it rained (not that I am sure it would have made that big a difference)!
God love them, they tried so hard and were so excited and it was so lovely to watch. Ben & Dexter, best friends playing together on the same side and all of them happy to be playing (and pretending to be professionals).

It was so funny to watch, two own goals, not knowing which spot they would have been best playing, they did really well to not get slaughtered as the other side seemed a lot more prior coaching and were therefore co-ordinated and knew how to play as a team, always a good thing!

The other side however did win but only 12 goals to 11 goals - but even though they were defeated I was very proud that they managed to do so well.....

The boys felt they had played a good match (always a good thing), and I am now a football mum (never thought I would ever utter those words, ha, ha), and despite not winning, they took it really well and everyone went away happy (not as happy as they would have had they won, but happy nonetheless!)

A bit more practice and who knows......(oh my word, I am sounding like a football Mum!!!) - but being there for Dexter makes me and Anders happy.



  1. My son just started playing. I love watching and coaching. Great shots.

  2. Great shots!!! Looks like they had a good game! Football Mums ROCK!!! LOL

  3. They are so cute! I love watching little boys playing footie together - they do it with such joy.