Monday, 13 September 2010

Ingrid Sophie Von Schram

OMG, just watching the telly, and the Bleu de Chanel advert came on and who was on it but the girl from the table from my brother in law's wedding and the girl I thought was so lovely they based the princess in the film Enchanted on her. I of course couldn't stop laughing at her speech so I was indeed the wicked witch Susan Sarandon!

I will now look out more photos from the wedding (although I did post the happy couple on an earlier Flashback Friday) and I will post them later this week. I felt quite the hag at that wedding as both my brother-in-law (on Anders side of course!) and sister-in-law are catwalk models and so the place had so many beautiful long legged people there.

Even wearing heals, I was an oompa-loompa next to her, and actually rather apt me using this today also as it is Roald Dahl day!


  1. She's beautiful - but she has nothing on you!

  2. Jamie, you are so very lovely for saying that, if only it were true and I thank you so much for saying that. Not only is Ingrid beautiful but she is so enchantingly lovely in nature too. Genuinely she was so lovely I felt awful for laughing uncontrollably with tears streaming down my face so much but she reminded me of the princess in Enchanted (which I also laughed at uncontrollably too and love that film). Enchanted had just come out you see not long before the wedding and I had just seen it and been captivated by it so I couldn't help myself - I was so shocked to see someone as lovely as that giving a speech at my brother-in-laws wedding!