Friday, 3 September 2010

Vintage Shopping

Oh, I love vintage clothes, so I thought why not try out my camera on this lovely little shop!
With good reason I have been avoiding it.....

......I was so hoping that there was not going to be anything in my size to tempt me. To go in without thinking that (i.e. is there anything here for me) is difficult enough, and I have eyes like a hawk in homing in on things that I (or my friends) might like. With this in mind I would have needed a blindfold to stop me noticing and not just this eye mask & veil!

Mind you, with my super powers of finding vintage finds, perhaps this could work well as part of my superhero costume!!!


  1. Heehee, what a fabulous super hero costume idea!!! :D

  2. My granddaughter just left for college. She didn't want any new clothes, she said her and her roommate are going to the vintage shops in Victoria. I can't wait to see what she bought when she comes home for Xmas.

  3. That dress!!! If only I had a waist that tiny - I'd send you in to grab it up for me.