Monday, 27 September 2010

Puppies, I'm not your mummy!

Marvin and Carly's younger brothers and sisters
Marvin and Carly's parents have had another litter together, so Marvin and Carly have 12 new brothers and sisters!  They were born last week, 6 dogs and 6 bitches and yesterday, Anders and I went to see them whilst Dexter was playing with his friend Ben.  We hope to take Dexter to see them all very soon as they are so cute but we weren't sure how Tanner and Holly would be so didn't want to excite Dexter in case we couldn't get to see them.
Just over one week old and they still have not opened their eyes yet!
Tanner is such a good Dad, here he is cleaning one of his pups!
Holly and Tanner are two of the most lovely natured Vizslas, hence why we bought two from them last time, which was Holly's first litter.  This is Holly's second litter first one had 8 and this time she has delivered 12. It is also her last one she will have and given that there are 12 of them, Holly needed a bit of help to ensure they all got enough milk.
Oh, but there is nothing coming from this either!
The puppies are beautiful, and both Tanner and Holly were happy with Anders and I coming to see them and also interacting with the little lovelies.  The first one I got to handle was one that she nearly rejected (no. 9) but then after she had delivered another 2 was ok letting it back into the pack.  As I held it to my chest, it started to sniffle about looking for milk.  I of course was not able to oblige and as I lifted it away from my chest it latched onto my finger and started to vigorously suckle!   Nothing there either though!!

Little Lucky not so lucky with his choice of milk source!
I did however get to feed it, and three others with a condom filled with milk!  Pete (Holly and Tanners owner) said that he found the bottle didn't have a teet big enough for them to latch onto, and then he thought "condom",  and sure enough, it works a treat!  He did say though that he got a funny look when he opened the door to the postman with one filled with milk the other day - after explaining what he was doing the postman looked  relieved!!!
This time it got some milk instead of nothing!  Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard is bare!
Condoms have so many uses!
The Sunday Creative
A bit later than I would have liked but better than Nothing!!!
D is for lots of baby Dogs!


  1. Beautiful photos & such a heartwarming story!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh wow...makes me want another one or two or...!!

  3. They are really lovely, and I know will be really good natured and clever as Holly and Tanner are and are fantastic working dogs, both are trained to the gun and very obedient and smart. Don't think we can really have another one really as tempting as it would be and is. They are going to make some families very happy I am sure and I am so glad to have seen them.

  4. Ohhh, they are sooo cute! I can just imagine the smell of puppy :).

  5. those puppies are so cute. funny use for a condom!

  6. They are the sweetest little things.

  7. cute...I wouldn't be able to get rid of these! A warm fuzzy "D" for sure!

  8. Oh My Gosh 12!!! that unreal. poor dog. thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  9. Awwww!!! They're so very sweet. I want one! :D

  10. Oh SO Very sweet... and tiring for both mommas!! the human one and the doggy one! ;)