Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Creating a memory - done!

If you have been following my blog, you will already know the build up to this which started last week http://rmontalban.blogspot.com/2010/09/creating-memory.html  

So here is how the actual memory implantation went (oh, this sounds like we did an all out "inception" inspired thing doesn't it!).  It all started on Saturday morning (I know I said Anders and I were going to wait till Sunday to do this but we couldn't wait until then, ha, ha).  We went for brunch at Urban Angel and as expected Dexter couldn't believe his luck when he started to find the Mini Lego figures!   
Let me in!
I first slipped one under the table in the cafe where we were and he was so excited, at first thinking someone had left it so was going to hand it into the waitress as he is really good and honest that way (oh, we are so proud of him for being so lovely like that).  We therefore had to say that we thought we heard something about a Lego promotion where they were leaving figures around places so perhaps he would be lucky in finding more!  So being happy with what we said he duly ripped the packaging open with such enthusiasm and found the Mexican figure!
Reading the instructions to put together the Mexican Lego Mini Figure
Putting it together.
Look Mum!
He then said, "I wonder if there are more behind the cushions you are sitting on Mummy"!  Anders and I smiled as he excitedly looked behind them but there were none there - awwww.  Anders then said that it was doors open day weekend in Edinburgh (buildings which are not normally open to the public (private and historic landmark buildings) are open one weekend a year), so perhaps he might find others.

We then went along the road I threw one into the basement entrance of one of the flats and then said "look Dexter, I think there is one down there".......

Wonder if there are any down there?

......yep, sure enough there was one - oh was he happy!
Look Mum I found another one!

 After that, Dexter said "I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled"!

I am looking out for them!
This continued when we got to Carlton Hill when we were going to see the observatory which is not normally open to the public.  

On route up the hill, I put them under bushes and behind stones when he wasn't looking and he couldn't believe his luck.  He ran around looking high and low shouting with joy when he found one which never seemed to duplicate with any of the others and just happened to be the ones he was after!

They are hidden in the bushes!
When we stood in the queue (there was a really long one for the observatory which is right next to this impressive landmark building),

The views from this point are ones which a lot of people take of the Edinburgh cityscape, as it is beautiful.

Edinburgh cityscape view from top of Carlton Hill
Anyway, we stood in the queue and decided to throw one into a bush near us which made a noise!  Quick as a flash, Dexter looked round and there was one right in bushes to which he said "there is another one, it wasn't there before"?  "Who threw that into the bush, Mum"?  He was suspicious (well you didn't want him to really think this was a Lego promotion did you!!!). To pretend it wasn't me I said, "perhaps there is someone in the queue doing it" which made the people smile who had seen me do the deed!  Dexter smiled, looked at the people in the queue and then back at me with a shy smile wondering if that was the case but not being totally convinced - just the reaction I wanted!!!

Memorial on the wall of the observatory at Carlton Hill
He had started to click, and then as we went inside the building and looked around (both at the observatory and for Lego figures he kept asking me to tell him who was doing it but I resisted telling him, instead I just smiled and told him that his Daddy and I really loved him lots and it made us happy to see him so happy!

Dexter even spotted a heart in the ground and smiled a knowing smile!

View of Edinburgh New Town to Granton from Carlton Hill
These are my Mini Figures found

Look at what I found today!
He had a great day having found a whole stash of Lego Mini Figures and we had a great day watching him get excited and wonder why he seemed to be the only child who found them!

I am so Happy!


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  1. How cool is that!? My boys LOVE those little guys.

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    Happy Tuesday

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  14. I am so glad that you all liked it too and perhaps it inspired you to make a memory, it has certainly made me think differently about how I do things and that is all thanks to Leigh and her Mammaw who by sharing a post shared the knowledge of how lovely it is to go out and do just that as it lives on and on and on even in ways you probably didn't expect - how great is that. So a big hug and a kiss to all those who inspire us to do things.