Sunday, 12 September 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Double Rainbow, all the way, what does it mean!!!!!

Well it is what we saw when we walked through this yellow field on our 19th Wedding Anniversary.
I love the sight of yellow fields, they glisten in the sun
with huge round sculptures scattered around.

Summer is yawning
Autumn is dawning

with colours turning to amber, bronze and rich ruby red
Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities pop into my head!

Thoughts transferring from pillar to post,
Connecting memories
sparking ideas

I love the glass transmitters
breathing life
Golden field landscapes & power lines
Good God Woman your thinking of Frankenstein!
"Give my creation life"

what was that you said......
stop the press.......

News just in stupid woman giving birth to Frankenstein creation, no....

.... golden child,
no.... fields find golden freakish baby.....
no, No, NO.......

the woman shown with the baby is not stupid
It does however let me show you this intelligent baby, already reading a newspaper!

This one of Dexter however is one of my favourite shots of him, I love him, and I love this he is just so so pretty in it but it was taken last month during the Edinburgh Festival..... quickly as newspapers are printed it becomes yesterday's news and part of history so what about tomorrow, what will it bring ....

A newborn baby, growing up, making their own history, that is a great piece of news surly. Little did I know that I was going to get to literally stop the press to add a beautiful newborn to pose for me together with his Mother & Brother.......

If you want to see the newborn himself, then look at my blog post of yesterday Newborn Baby!
I was so happy they let me take their photos, Mum looked so beautiful and natural and Tom, well he loved to pose for me and I think I got some sweet shots of him and his new brother.

That was such an unexpected turn to my Scavenger Hunt as my new "old faithful" was what I originally had for pose, the 1982 Ghostbusters boy......

..... (well he doesn't have a choice for the next 365 days!)
standing on top of Homer's Duff beer!
How's that for a pose?
Finding this beer did make me and Anders smile as we didn't think this beer existed, but it does.

My i-phone is the inspiration behind ......

.... my getting back into photography, a hobby along with this blog, which too, is a hobby.
My i-phone (which Anders urged me to get back in April) rekindled my love of taking photographs, and this started my dipping my toe into blogging which has snowballed into a full blown outlet for my thoughts and musings. The two of these have resulted in me getting an Olympus Pen and who knows what will happen going forward as these have opened up to a side of me that I had not explored before so this is the start of a relationship and a hobby!

None of these however are a patch on my number one hobby, spending time with the two most important handsome men in my life: -

I am glad that we all get to share this, my hobby which seems to tell...

I do hope so .......


  1. Very intersting and creative post!

  2. This is great. I love reading your posts every week. So creative. I am glad you are getting into photography. Fabulous pictures. Your landscape pictures and 1st power line picture is awesome. You are a great writer too. You should definitely take Dexter to see Monster trucks, he would love it. Stay tuned to my blog this week I will be posting a ton of pictures from the mud races I took over 1000. Sorry this was so long. :D

  3. I love all those hay bales! And I love the powerline photos! I love the story you tell with your photos too.

  4. i like your fall poem... i like the marshmallow michilian man.. and good shots.

  5. Noooo! Now I'm going to have "double rainbow" stuck in my head all morning!

    I love both of your field shots, just beautiful!

  6. I wait impatiently for your Sunday post every week! Always full of beautiful photos, fun words and your lovely personality!

  7. I can't say this enough - I really love the creativity you bring to the scavenger hunt. Your photos are fantastic...and the added bonus is your writing. Great work and have a wonderful week!

  8. Great pictures. The marshmallow man is awesome.

  9. That yellow field is so so pretty. It looks lovely there.

    Great shots of your son too! I also like that b&w one of him during the festival.

  10. very nicely done I like the field of rolled grass the best.

  11. Sarah, thanks for leaving your comment, and I will check out your monster truck posts.

    Jamie, that is such a lovely thing to write, I am really touched (Anders would say in the head too, ha ha).

    Ashley, I am very happy for you to say as often as you like how much you like my post, it is a positive reinforcement for me and everyone needs that don't you think. I thank you for organising it, and I have a lot of fun doing it. Hope you have a great week too.

    Thank you so much everyone for leaving a comment, I really enjoy doing this sunday scavenger hunt, and each week I read the words for the next and think "what on earth am I going to do", but somehow I manage and it is always nice to hear it has made someone smile too.

  12. I just Love all you photo.. and it was so fun reading your post. A ture inspiration..

  13. I love that your iPhone rekindled your love for photography. You have a great eye. I love the power line photos but the newspaper shot of your son, Dexter, is just stunning.

  14. That IS one intelligent baby!!! :D

    But seriously, that first power line shot of yours is soooo incredible. And I LOVE the photo of Dexter at the Edinburgh Festival! Well, I love them all really. As always, your Scavenger Hunt Sunday was interesting and fun!

  15. I love your posts every week! The photos you capture are wonderful too, and some are usually good for a laugh! I'm your newest follower now! Happy Monday!

  16. Thank you Linda, Apictureintime, an9e1a and Just Bits and Pieces, you are very kind and and love that you love my entries as I do the fact that you pop into visit. Just Bits and Pieces, thank you for following, and hope you continue to enjoy reading what I post!

  17. WOw so many great photos, you are really good. LOVE your yellow fields photos.

  18. Love all the pix! Esp the Mr. Stay Puft ones! And esp esp the Mr. Stay Puft double rainbow one! LOLOLOLOL!