Thursday, 16 September 2010

Waterside Therapy!

I stayed in a really crappy hotel in Inverness on Tuesday night, The Waterside (although when I was told this was where I was going to be staying, I thought it might be ok, uhuh). Whilst the location was fantastic, the hotel itself that I had been booked into didn't live up to Inverness itself. The staff (99% of them were lovely), and they did make a good cappuccino, but that is about all I could say! The walls were paper thin, the room whilst clean was just blah, on the ground floor at the end of a scabby corridor next to the fire escape exit which all had a serial killer feel about it - not what I would say describes a hotel which apparently prides itself in making single female business travellers feel at ease. In addition to which, the wi-fi didn't work and I could only get a reception if I sat in the lobby!!!

So yesterday evening, apart from being so happy to see my lovelies at home who showered me big hugs and kisses it was doubly lovely by just being back home. Staying in a hotel should be a treat, The Waterside was not and no amount of their complimentary "Therapy" shower treatments were going to make me feel relaxed and happy to have stayed the night there, especially as the electric shower wasn't that great and in fact the bathroom felt like a "prettier" port-o-cabin extension!

I was lucky though there were no functions on, as apparently, if there had been then I to would have felt as though I had been right in the midst of it because the walls were so thin - must be awful for those who experience that if they are unfortunate enough to sleep above their function hall itself.

The "Highland Breakfast" was also a huge let down, which shouldn't have been the case as the Highlands have some fantastic local produce, clearly though not used in this hotel!

So having slept in my really comfy bed (we have mattress toppers, lots of fluffy pillows, a soft duvet and high (200+) thread count sheets all of which I find at bargain prices too which I am very proud of) it was bliss to get into our own shower (mains supply) was just what I needed to make me sing and feel the the experience run off me and down the drain!


  1. boo, sorry about your crappy hotel experiences! it always feels so great to be back home huh?

  2. Bleh! It does make coming home even nicer though... Especially with some Gilchrist & Somes waiting!!

    I tried to send you an email about how great those iPhone photos are and it bounced back... Makes me wonder if you got the email regarding our project. When you get back settled in will you let me know? My computer is going to be down for another day or two and I am without Internet other than my phone... But I can resend the email later if you did not get it. Have a good day!

  3. Yes, it's always good to be back at home (especially when the hotel's such a letdown)! Glad the whole thing sort of ran down the drain!! :)

  4. I'm sorry your hotel experience was so bad, but glad you've made it back home to your comfort!

    I'm sorry to respond to your question on my blog through your comments, but I couldn't find any other way to contact you - my dog is a lab. She's actually a British Labrador Gundog, but I think that's just a fancy name for Labrador Retriever. She is a British lab instead of an American lab. From what I understand, they're smaller and their faces are more refined than the American counterparts. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. I always look forward to hotel stays - and hate it when they are disappointing, glad they were better at home.