Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Amazing Traditional Architecture

The Gosforth Estate is huge and full of beautiful architecture to boot! This is the main mansion in the estate which has lots of curves and lines to it and stands majestically in the equally impressive grounds.

The grounds are quite unbelievable. Here is the boathouse which looks out into a circular boat pond which was purpose built for the Wemyss family to enjoy. It comes complete with a large island in the centre!

Whilst it is really beautiful outside and makes your jaw drop as it is so beautifully curvy and shapley, inside it is even more amazing, the ceiling timbers.....
..... but more spectacular is the view from inside the mirror image of the arch ceiling makes the for interesting shapes - stunning and in the distance there was even a heron!

Just a little further along the banks of this pond was what I can only describe as a Hobbit house! Nobody lives in it now.....

..... and I don't think the previous inhabitants are buried in this tomb which is on the grounds of the estate either. Is this not an impressive tomb to spend your final resting days?!!!

The old stables do appear to be lived in however......

..... similarly so, this beautiful cottage house is also lived in, and how picturesque it is.

If only it had been sunny then I think I might have gotten even nicer photos!!

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  1. I loved your first shapely post - but this one is even better

  2. Wow. These are wonderful. My mind is shaping a rather serene get away for me right now. Thanks for sharing.

  3. great post. beautiful shapes!

  4. These are stunning! Wish I was there!