Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tomato thinking....

"Tomato, full of vitamins", something my Dad used to say a lot from what I am told, and he loved them. So do I, clearly one of the things we had in common, along with playing the Accordion, the latter of which I didn't know until my sister told me when I announced recently that I had self taught myself how to play and excitedly played a tune down the phone to her!

Genetically I am therefore programmed to love them and food, something my Mum loved too. She said food was the essence of life, good food, good life, bad food, bad life! So how can I therefore chose one type of food above all others. How can I pick one that I love more than any other, I can't - I see something lovely in them all and want to experience them all at their best!

If I had to survive on only one food it would have to be the humble egg because it it so rich in its provision, but is it my favourite? So what will it be, back to my tomato thinking.....

The lovely rich colour of a tomato (looks great on as clothing or as a lipstick), how it is so juicy (and can make you feel saucy), even when it is green (still looks good on!), how it compliments so many other things like onions, garlic, basil, Worcester sauce, mozzarella, cheese generally, pasta, meats (tempting) - ooooh, I am salivating at the very thought!

It might not be the obvious delicious ripe fruit, but it certainly can pack a punch!

Yes, there is something so tempting about me picking a big ripe tomato, perhaps it is how I would like to be seen, tempting (bringing out the best in others), able to compliment others but stands out at the same time - something that most people will find one way of liking be that as a sauce, a drink, an addition to other foods or as a tomato itself yet never really being understood as to why that is the case and underestimated at times....


  1. Uh those look very yummy !!! Beautiful !

  2. Beautiful photo, I love tomatoes with garlic:)

  3. yummm, you know what I still love tomatoes, but when I was little I used to eat a ridiculous amount of them! My family used to warn me as a child that I would turn into a giant tomato when I grew up! Tomatoes are the base of so many lovely meals, but I like them best on their own on a plate with a bit of salt to dip into - my favourite tomatoes are the Italian plum variety - you can't get juicier or sweeter! Ok enough of my love for tomatoes now! xx

  4. I fell in love with all the heirloom tomatoes when I was in the US - all the different colours and different tastes. So good. They don't seem to be around here as much and I've missed them this summer.