Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dexter won 1st Prize at Kickboxing

Another tournament but this time Dexter got 1st Place!

Dexter's face was illuminated with joy and rightly so he has come on from getting 3rd place last time (which was also his first ever tournament) to getting 1st.

The day started early with a team building coach trip, looking out for Anders who was driving in the car behind with Marvin & Carly .....

Dexter was thrilled, he won 1st place and Mr Puff was too so had a photo taken in the cups that shone so brightly and below with Scott (who is also in the same club Dexter is a member of) who is a European Kickboxing Champion, and also won a 1st trophy......

...... and we were so happy for Dexter (and of course Scott), two very proud parents in Anders & I (not of Scott I hasten to add), but then again, what's new there in us being proud as punch over our wee lovely!

To celebrate we took the dogs for a walk along Ayr beach which was so stunning. The waters glistened and reflected so brightly it was so beautiful.

The sun was out, and the beach looked like a mirror, have not seen a beach look like this for quite some time.

We then went to Glasgow for dinner to Dexter's first choice of where to go and eat there!

Dinner I will do as a separate blog post, together with the generally fantastic weekend - yey for that and more importantly for Dexter!

Also, have a look at to see the first 2 days of what Mr Puff has seen - my face was illuminated at Day 1 in meeting Henry Rollins!

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  1. I LOVE these shots!! Especially the beach ones. Amazing. And congrats to the little man on his kickboxing win! Sorry it's been a while since I stopped by, hope you're well!

  2. yea dexter! way to go :) especially love the top shot of him! and the dogs on the beach shots, so fab! :)

  3. wonderful beach shots, great light and congrats!