Sunday, 29 August 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday -

Bokeh, Okay!

First, meet Mr Puff who is saying hello to a bottle which his old pal Dan Ackroid's is involved in manufacturing. Mr Puff is also the inspiration behind a new project I am doing which is to photograph him over the next 365 days! This started yesterday, and he got photographed with Henry Rollins which I have put up on my blog under a separate title, imaginatively entitled, Mr Puff & Henry Rollins!

You don't that is Bokeh enough?
It's no one for fun!

1st some background music please, this is a long one.....

Well how can I change your mind to make you want to stay and read on? With flowers?

No? Well this bee isn't stopping to have any fun either!

No, he's away, he's away on business, business!

Business that thing that can start with a flash of inspiration

no I am not talking about smelly No 2 stuff, but some people do give it that name too!

If I were referring to business in that way I wouldn't recommend that you have the confidence to reach out and grab it, now would I? No I would not !!!

Yes I know being in business is not all child's play but then
it isn't all donkey work either!

I see business as

yes some have a nose for sniffing out an opportunity....

..... but I think you need to enjoy doing what you do in business.....

and have a laugh along the way!

Some businesses are built around being eco friendly,
for someone it was a turbo boosted lightbulb of inspiration

wonder how many eco-friendly lights they use in a place that needs a lot of light.
Where might that be is that I hear you asking?

Well they need a lot in:

New York, New York, so good they named it twice! Too easy?

Repetition, I could be very intelligent and talk about cloning & Dolly the Sheep! Not the repetition you were after?

Oh, if only I had seen double rainbow, double rainbow!

I didn't but I did see double hearts and I am now feeling musical so:

All you need is love (altogether now)

All you need is love,

All you need is love,


Love is all you need!
Yep a song that repeated a message of love enough times didn't it
hearts = love right!

You don't like the double rainbow or the Beatles - how could you not?
Maybe you prefer the repetitive rhythm of the Polka

or Samba!

Whatever your preference, music is all about finding a rhythm which is a repeat of a sequence of notes which become a beat - so don't fight against it......

...... instead turn up the volume!


  1. you make a scavenger hunt look so much fun! love all the photo's and extra's you found for this hunt..well done!

  2. Beautiful pictures! You did a great job. The 1st picture is so neat.

  3. Love these photos! The light bulb and flower shots are my favorite, but they're all great.

  4. wow the most fun website i ever all the photos and did enjoy reading the caption..good job!

    mine is here:

  5. Wow, I am just overwhelmed! These are all so great, the horses laugh is really sticking with me!

  6. You saved me a youtube search! Friends were telling me yesterday about the Double Rainbow song after I showed them a photo of a double rainbow my mom took standing on my back porch on Friday.

  7. I swear make me laugh. I love the teeth shot. Hilarious.

  8. Loved all ur shots, great work!!!

  9. Those donkey pictures are awesome!!!!

  10. That donkey is adorable! I love it! (and I want that coffee in a bad way)

  11. I love reading your scavenger hunt posts! They are always captivating and your shots are amazing! I love the teeth/laugh. Made me laugh!

  12. great shots, and just soo fun too. What more can you ask for... ;-)

  13. Oh my word... You definitely know how to make Scavenger Hunt Sunday look super fun!! I'm definitely gonna have to participate next week! :)

  14. I love how your pictures tell a story. Very funny!

  15. Thank you all so very much for all your really kind and encouraging comments. I have such fun doing this and just hope I continue to entertain you. It means a lot to me to hear from you all so thank you very very much.

  16. LOL! I needed a laugh today! All of your shots are sooo inspirational :)

  17. These are great...and what fun! I am loving the horses teeth. LOL