Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Austin's going to school....

This is my really cute and funny nephew Austin who always looks so serious so that is just how I capture him as it makes me smile knowing how hard he is trying not to crack a smile!

He is just so excited as he is a big boy now and is starting school next week. He is so excited at the prospect that he has been insisting on wearing his new school uniform, every day, even though school starts the end of next week - how cute is that! I told him he looked very handsome and dapper, and he again tried hard not to smile but I know secretly he was - see that slight curl up at the end of his mouth trying so hard not to go any higher!!!

Oh, he is just so cute at trying to be serious!! However the reason for this trip was actually for.......

..... my lovely niece Grace, who is not camera shy.
We were over to give her her birthday present of a lovely yellow jacket with roses on it and a floral necklace.

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