Thursday, 12 August 2010

Everyday objects of love!

Two challenges, challenge 1 for You Capture - What everyday object do I use, every single day?

Something that my Mum used, my sister and husband use, in fact everyone I know uses it be that on their own or to welcome and have a chat with friends, in good times and in bad......

No, it's not toilet paper, we don't welcome people with that do we - ha, ha, ha!

Challenge 2 - Favourite food - oh, I am going to have to think about that but for now, I think this will wet my appetite to do some creative thinking - have you guessed it?

That's right, a nice cup of tea, or coffee in a mug, cup or glass!

It doesn't have to be all fancy, but it feels even more special when it is.

It just has to feel like it will warm your heart....

Yep, it is something so really very simple and lovely to do,

Ice cold, or piping hot,
It refreshes and so we have it a lot,
yep, we have it every single day,
come what may,
in sickness and in health
till death do us part!

So lets all celebrate life in an instant and have a wee cup of tea (or coffee), right now and give ourselves a hug from the inside out and do some more creative thinking - I really don't know what my favourite food would be as there are so many!!!


  1. Love the shots. I have to admit I saw the toilet paper and was like "why didn't I think of that."

  2. The t.p. is hilarious!!! :D

    Love the tea shots, too.

  3. I like these photos! BTW, I love the logo photo also.

  4. It is too darn hot around here to even think about hot beverages :)

  5. I love the tea shots. Makes me want to go out and have a tea party with my little girls right now.

  6. Love your first subject! So funny - and yet vital to our every day lives :)

  7. Oh I love tea, do you know; Pukka tea? it´s the best :-)

    Thanks for taking part in the assignment dear :-)

  8. great tea shots, I love the processing and you can't beat a bit of shortbread! x

  9. Nothing like a lovely pot of tea to warm your soul and making everything right in the world. Especially if it's english breakfast (my fav)