Friday, 13 August 2010

Brazil Brazil

Went to see a really great show, Brazil Brazil..... something for everyone there, men, women and children! Ironically, when I was at the hairdressers last night, one of the hairdressers mentioned this show and when I said I was going with my boys she excitedly and laughingly said "oh, my, just wait, you will all love it - it is fantastic" in a way that I now understand!

It is a display of Capoeria, Football & Samba - and can those boys and girls shake their booties!!!

Dexter and I sat in the front row to the right of the stage - fantastic place. The acrobatic displays literally nearly fell right in my lap - and my jaw was on the floor watching their incredible routines, and I guffawed with embarrassed school girl laughter at their ability to flex their torsos like Spartans in a gladiator ring (wolf whistle going off in my head)!!

When the show ended, as tends to happen, people were coming up to me at the end saying they were laughing at my facial expressions which were apparently priceless showing shock, awe and definite blushing! On hearing these comments, Anders then realised that the people at the opposite side of the room were therefore pointing at what must have been me (not that I was aware of them looking/pointing, but I certainly knew that my face must have been a picture as it was like sitting in front of a great male body spartan display) and phwoar, yes they looked very good but then luckily I do have hunky Anders who is very much eye candy too to not make me feel like I am hard done by, which I am most certainly not!

That said, my jaw was on the floor at the fantastic Brazilian bottoms that the ladies had - no the boys didn't outshine the girls as the girls bottoms were perfectly pert and shook in in rhythmic timing to the samba beats - if only my ass did the same - well it is definitely motivation, I might just print off the photo to remind me of what a fantastic Brazilian ass looks like and if I work at it I too might just get that booty too - don't want Anders to think he got the fuzzy end of the lollipop when he landed me after all!!!!
Dexter loved the show too and came out of it wanting to be able to do the moves they did. He also thought the ladies were lovely (Anders enthusiastically suggested we should maybe go to Brazil on holiday during their carnival time), and although he blushed at getting his photo taken with such a hottie, deep down I think he also knows that he will be the envy of every kid at his school, and red blooded male too I am guessing!

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  1. I was just telling a friend at lunch today how much I missed Brazil (I lived in Rio fro 2 years.) Now thanks to your photos I get to re-live a bit of it.