Sunday, 8 August 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Shadows are amazing, they can change a plain canvas into something very special....

..... and make an odd scene even odder.... (these slot machines on the beach are so strange to see and if you want to see more just look at my post this month entitled Slots on a beach as they look like Easter Island heads at times and are just so surreal)

Motion Blur - I just love this shot of watching Dexter running past me as he is chased by his friend, Anders does take great photos ......

.... but I also love this shot of when I went running with Marvin & Carly, simultaneously trying to capture the path ahead of me on my i-phone as I ran.....

.......indulging in sharing a cupcake with someone funny and on the cover of a magazine is one way to ensure you keep people guessing who you are and you hang out with!!!

10 fingers on 2 hands used by this beautiful asian lady to pose and set off this picture (if you like this look up the MELA post as there are more).....

yes, hands (and feet) are an obvious way to define 10, so how about.....
10 prickly cacti stems?

Plants, in all forms can make a pretty picture. This boat house uncovered a view of a calm lake from inside - almost like looking through a glass eye which I thought made the vista more special. The water was like reflective glass, mirroring what was above land below..... makes you think of jumping into and through the looking glass to see if there really is another world, but then again, what would it hold......

But personally, I love the reflective quality of these bubbles which look like pieces of rainbows and rainbow coloured glass floating through the air.....

.... now having scavenged about and found photographs to fit with the challenge, it is time for an indulgence I think - like a sort of makeshift Cinderella moment I shall have a cup of coffee with a Tunnock's Teacake - in a blur it will be gone leaving behind the wrapper as a shadow of what was once inside!

and now I am off to get more photos from the Edinburgh Festival


  1. Oh my goodness, the magazine one is great! Very creative!

  2. Wish I was at the Edinburgh festival with you, is it the Fringe?? Love these, especially the motion and magazine ones

  3. I love the creativity you bring to this challenge each week with your iphone. You see moments that I'm not sure everyone else would spot and I love it. Thanks again for participating!

  4. What a crazy fun week you've had!

  5. Very creative and so colorful. I loved reading each photo caption ---- love the descriptions!

  6. You are so creative. Like the most creative blogger I know. And I LOVE it! Love. LOVE. LOVE this! Wowza! So much fun!

  7. Such fun shots! I love the bubbles one!

    Colors Not Yet Invented

  8. What great perspectives you have on all your items. I especially love your shadow, & 10...really beautiful!

  9. Great ideas!!! Can't wait to see next week!