Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A walk in an enchanted forest

Took a walk through a very old oak forest and I do not exaggerate but each tree I looked at had a face somewhere on it! There was a:-

face of a man

A rabbit, was I falling into Wonderland?

A cow slug


A tree hag

Chinese Lion

Chinese Dragon Oak\

A skull

Just to name (honestly) a few.
They all surrounded this beautiful meadow which also looks like it is talking to the river!

and now I see faces in tree's everywhere

Am I going mad!


  1. love your face-trees, amazing what you can see when youre looking, i must go for a walk a see myself.

  2. wow those are so beautiful and creative. great pictures!

  3. Such cool looking face-tree shots. Although I have to admit that I really love the shot of the meadow surrounded by trees...looks like a scene out of The Time Traveler's Wife.

  4. Super cool photos. I love how each one really did resemble something. fantastic work!!!

  5. The tree hag and the skull are my favorites! So creepy yet cool! Awesome shots!