Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fort George

The landscape outside Fort George is really pretty, you would hardly know the magnitude of the fort that was there as it is so well entrenched and hidden.

It really is an impressive piece of architecture. It is basically dug into the landscape, and from a distance looks like an easy target, is only when you get nearer you know that back in 1746 when it was built anyone trying to get into it uninvited didn't have a hope in hell of penetrating it. If you did get through the first walls, you would have to get across this bridge and through the thick walls where the St Andrew's Flag is flying.

If by some miracle you got through that you then had to cross another bridge and set of walls behind which all the barracks, armour and prisons were based!

Officer's sleeping quarters below

Once inside the central part of the fort, it is beautifully landscaped with red ivy climbing the walls, and because it is surrounded by thick walls, it is actually really well protected from winds etc so it has beautiful plants growing there in amongst the beautiful baracks which are I think quite Edinburgh New Town in design!

Whilst it is open to tourists and run by Historic Scotland, it is also a working barrack with scottish troops based out of there.

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