Saturday, 21 August 2010

My Ginger Dogs look 27% more Ginger with my new camera!

Anders has nagged me, a lot
So I have given in and a camera I have bought!

An Olympus Pen 1/2 price and it is really really pretty in a beautiful stainless steel case (not that my i-phone has done it justice but I cannot blame it as it now has competition!). Thank goodness for camera geeks who always seem want the newest ones - hence why I got it 1/2 price.

I will however still use my i-phone as I really like the photographs it produces, but now I have the option of using both....


  1. Well look at you - I bet we'll see twice the amount of photos now!

  2. i love your iPhone shots, so please don't give up on it. but have fun with your new toy!!

  3. Gibknitty, I will not be giving up on the i-phone, I love it too much to do that and the photos I get on it have a unique charm of their own. I am glad that you like them too :-))