Sunday, 1 August 2010

Virtual Party - who would have thought!

Ok, I admit it, I can get very excited, especially when I hear such nice things from lovely people who I have gotten to know through this blog! First to get me excited was Jamie at Lyrical Journey ( and then my heart sank for her when I read about her losing her grandfather who picked raspberries for her and sounded like the sweetest gentleman.

Then the lovely, fresh, happy Krissi from Freebird ( (who Jamie also gave the award to), said in her acceptance blog that she too would have given it to me but Jamie beat her to it! I was so touched, flattered, excited, that in the comments I left to her I suggested we all have a virtual cake & celebratory drink (the people she nominated, the people who I nominated and also the people I have grown to know through this blog, the people Jamie nominated and you know I got carried away and thought what the hell, everyone who reads this and is inspired and is looking for a reason to celebrate!) - so here I am having a Raspberry tart for you all - and what is a party without some music?!

As I ate, I genuinely thought about you all and how lucky I was to be with loved ones and have such nice people in my life as I tucked into it laughing at the jokes Anders was making whilst Ben (Dexter's best friend who has returned from Japan) and Dexter scoffed into their own celebration party cake and drink - wrapped up in the joy of being reunited again! Yep, they were just celebrating being reunited after a long year apart!

A big cappuccino was my chosen drink.

Jamie - chose a raspberry tart in honour of you and hope your grandfather is picking really lovely ones with his wife in heaven.

Yummy - not that the expression Anders captured in this picture depicts that!!!

Who would have thought that you would make lovely blogging friends, I had no idea until I started my one so thank you for being you and for letting me have a virtual party in my head and in your honour!


  1. :) This post makes me smile because I feel the same way. So many of my blogging buddies feel like they've been friends for a lifetime and I look forward to peaking into their (your) lives each day. Thank you for being a part of it all.

  2. oh Joanna, I could hear your laugh in the first pic!

  3. I sitting here crying as I read your lovely post. Thank you so much for thinking of me and honoring my grandpa. Its been a difficult week, but it been made much easier thanks to the kindness of friends - those I've spoken to in person and online.

  4. Jamie I am glad that things are getting a little easier, it takes time I know only too well honey, but eventually the sun starts to shine through again, like day follows night just sometimes the night can feel awfully long at times.

    Laura, I think the whole beach could hear me laughing, but not more than I did in the post which I think I will be putting up today of the adventure play park!

    Ashley, It is so lovely to have you peak in on my life and I am glad to have found you too.

    Ah, i think this virtual party is rather fun, I look forward to doing it again. xo

  5. Oh my!!!! I LOVE THIS! love that you had a little virtual party! I want to have one too! When i get back to California I must join the fun! I too am so happy for the blog friends like you! also, that tart looks amazing!!