Sunday, 15 August 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday.....

I generally try to always be happy, and am always on the lookout for finding something good in something that might otherwise be missed, like a smiling face when you least expect it!

A smile for you is a smile for me!
a Room through a Mirror (RM for RMontalban looking right at ya!)

So to focus on what makes you happy might just make that happen!

Something Masculine, let's think.......

...... I think this part of the scavenger hunt has brought out the devil in me!!!

Extinguish any hot cups of tea & coffee in advance, don't want any accidents happening......

Does a big fire hose from an old bright red fire engine count?

with or without attachments?!

Something feminine, mmmmh (tick, tock, tick, tock)

Well this Sea Mouse is meant named after Aphrodite, would that count?

The fire engine is way shinier and prettier so I don't think the Sea Mouse is fair is it! I don't want to sound all bitter and all.....

..... I mean the Sea Mouse is not exactly a beautiful creature with it's rough and wiry hair or at least I don't think it is. I mean, it is not as if a big fire hose with all the accessories isn't flattering to come under masculine like say.....

..... Mr Peanut - although I think both of these salt & pepper shakers are cute and clearly attentive!

So let's get back to finding something worthy of being feminine. Something that will give pride and justice to being female (I am laughing at this challenge!)......

.... let's bring in someone who does justice to being a woman!

Let's bring in

Wonder Woman - now she's feminine and tough and stands for justice and put your hand up if you would secretly or otherwise love to look great in those star spangled hot pants (my hand is sticking right up in the air right now is yours?)!

Now let's compose ourselves again, I am talking about feminine things and I am a lady so will reflect and muse over a nice cup of tea from a feminine teapot before moving onto architecture!

I have already done RM, Remember at the beginning?

MiRRoR, MiRRoR on the wall
What type of architecture did my eyes look for?

My sons Lego a childs building block of architecture (I of course could have used Kapla bricks too, but didn't think of that until now, ah well, cest la vie)!

My boy Dexter, the architectural make-up of someone who was made from both masculine (Anders) and feminine (me!) and reflects the best of Anders & I like no other. How's that for architecture by design? Not washing with architecture? No pleashing some folks (ha, ha, ha), so how about......

our extension! It is something we designed & built which reflects both Anders and I!


  1. Wonder Woman made me smile --- nice and fun shots! :)

  2. I like the wonder women.. great thought

    I had mr. and mrs. peanut... myself .. years ago...I lost them now...

  3. LOL you make me laugh during your scavenger hunt. I always feel like you go the extra mile for the items...and to make us all laugh. Nice work.

  4. Great wonder woman shot and Love your extension, when can I move in???

  5. These are all fantastic! Love the fire hoses :-)

  6. Your post made me laugh!!!! Great shots! I LOVE your addition!

  7. Super shots - and the extension you all designed & built is spectacular!! Your humorous take is fun to read, too!

  8. LOL at the devils & wonder women!! Love all your interpretations... Great job this week :D

  9. I look forward to your scavenger hunt pictures each week. I know you'll have great photos and commentary!

  10. Your extension looks beautiful!

    I really like your interpretation of the initial idea. I had such a hard time with that one.

  11. nice work,wonder woman is great!