Thursday, 5 August 2010

August 2010 Challenge!

An August 20 Challenge, well let's just see.....

A flag that represents you (your town, state, country, team, etc.) - well, who would have thought that I would have seen this photo:-

The reason for me it is so perfect is my parents were both Polish but I was born and raised in Scotland.

Something comfortable......the feet I walk in or....

perhaps this really old pyjama set which I saw in an antique shop made me feel all warm and cosy just looking at it and imagining it being cuddled by some child and adorning their bed with their night things inside ready to welcome them back to bed for a cuddle and comfortable nights sleep..... are you feeling sleepy? Let's wake you up as there are 18 still to go!!!

Something in season
- can having fun ever be out of season?

Feet - mine, firmly rooted in the ground


However this pair of feet are more suited to the water I think!

and my son's well they propel him and show no limitations....

Flag Repetition - .....let's do something different to my first set of flags (because pictures of flags are not my bag really!). So lets do USA because it is where my sister lives, is the home country of my sister-in-law and Anders Brother to whom he is married to, is a country my Mum loved a lot and it is home to many of the lovelies who follow my blog! It also gives me an excuse to post a picture of this tapestry which was framed and sitting in an antique shop which both Anders and I really liked a lot!

Culture or ethnicity - a pierced and tattooed lady holding a pretty parasol!

- Jesus vs Satan

Putting on a brave face and utterly scared day & night vision shots

An indulgence - the cherry, the muffin, Alec Baldwin or the show he is in 30 Rock - take your pick - ha, ha, ha! All at once I hear you say, yep, love watching 30 Rock too!

A macro or closeup - a white rose which reminds me of a close up of an unmade bed....

Something masculine - Mr Peanut of course!

not masculine enough, how about.....

with or without attachments?!

Something feminine - a heavily pregnant woman!

or Wonder Woman

Light - bulb of inspiration.......

Eco-friendly - indeed a turbo flash of inspiration!!!!

Business - nothing is a sure bet when you are in business, but if you take a gamble at it and it pays off then life sure can feel sweet!

An arrow...... ironically right in front of the till pointing to cash - highwayman robbery symbolism or what!!!

Something wet- (that even includes feet)
soapy bubbles are wet....

Something dry - Artisan Coffee roast the best coffee beans the smell of them alone makes me think ..... mmmmmmh.



Heart-Shaped Clouds

Strength - a magnificent black & white bull

or something more deep (and will repeat this picture) - Forces of
Good vs Evil!


  1. Are you already done?! I haven't even started. Great work.

  2. Thank you so much Ashley, I have added one more photo to the 20 which I thought of in the car which I thought would work well for contrast and strength so put it in both sections!

    I genuinely am flattered by you saying such nice things about my photographs or the way my brain works (summarising it as my brain as that is what is coming up with all the ideas)!

  3. What a cool set of photos!!!!!! And one of my very favorite songs.

  4. Great job! Love them all. The first feet photo is my fave. :) Thanks for sharing!
    Here are my entries:


  5. wonderful interpretation and selection of photos,love that culture shot...your faces are a wonderful contrast...very creative indulgence shot....the rose does look like an unmade love the peanuts

  6. Fun... NEVER EVER EVER goes out of season. Great shot!

  7. I love your last heart shaped cloud photo.....awesome!

  8. nice collection! the butterflies and clouds are very cool!

  9. Your culture/ethnicity shots are great! I also really enjoyed your bubble photo for something wet! Very creative and fabulous photos!

  10. Great job! I love all the different options.

  11. How fun! I loved your photos and especially the commentary!!!! It was cool that you had multiple photos for many categories, gives us judges more to look at!! Thanks for playing along, hope you join us agian for more Photo Hunt Challenges!

  12. Thank you everyone for leaving a comment. FIrst time I entered and yes Kristi, I would love to join you again, and hopefully what I do next time will be even better - life and are are all about continuous improvement!