Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Harley Davidson Convention....

As Anders, Dexter and I were driving to the beach we got stopped in traffic as at least 100 bikers were pulling into the Harley Davidson dealership! I had to get photographs!!!

What was going on?

Well I asked, as I am sure you are all wondering too!

Turns out they were the opening act for the Sunday Parade which goes along Princes Street the first Sunday of the Festival and as you can see they were very excited - and even tried to convince me to buy a Harley!


  1. OMG. I love these. They are so different than what we post usually...maybe its the stereotype thinking of bikers that add the "fear" element . haha. LOVE THEM!The first pic is my favorite!

  2. I think you captured the essence of the event! Great work.

  3. What a nice find to stumble upon, glad you went to find what was going on! Thanks for sharing your wonderful captures with us!