Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Let's dance....

The other favourite photograph I have of depicting buddies is this one below, that one and the one I posted the other day under the title Dexter's Best Buddy is back. The two photographs I think just some up best buddies well and both Dexter and I cannot decide which is the better of the two! So as we are allowed to post one entry each, he said he would put this one up for the competition. Will one of them make the final all best buddy example, will one of them win the overall title and cement that they are indeed a shining example of best buddies? - I am laughing as I write this as I just think the whole thing is really sweet and all kids love competitions so rather apt too!

The embrace alone even looks like they are entwined in one big lovin' heart!

The Paper Mama


  1. I don't know how you could choose just one.

  2. LOL aren't kids great....love it.

  3. Oh, absolutely, true friendship...how exciting for Dexter to have his friend back!