Saturday, 7 August 2010


Mela is the ethnic minorities festival of celebration and it is really rather fun. It is an annual weekend event, and they have various acts that come to play and share in their cultures - there is food, music, dance, art.... and it is a festival for everyone, young and old and even if I do say so myself, I am so pleased with the photographs I have taken.

This little girl was just so beautiful....

and I love the photo of these bubbles which were difficult to capture because the wind was not going really in my favour so it was believe me quite a effort to get it.....

this ice cream van however was just so ripe for photographing, and the ice cream is really yummy traditional mango or pistachio flavours and Anders, Dexter and I love them....

The Titanic, well that was quite something to have captured and a real surprise to find here...

I so hoped to find a really pretty asian lady to photograph, and I did when I spotted this beautiful lady, and to capture her with this chap, well I couldn't have asked for more, but I got more with all the other photographs I snapped - so perhaps those who don't ask do get!

and if you see some people that attend, you might think you were at a 60's fest, that was a surprise!


  1. I went to several Melas while I lived in Delhi - such fun. I loved the all the color.

  2. What a great day. Those photos are amazing-as always!

  3. Again - great shots... so much culture!