Monday, 2 August 2010

Dexter's Best Buddy is back

Dexter has a best friend who has spent the last year in Japan. The day he left to go there last year Dexter cried - he was heartbroken, his world had collapsed!

But on the 27th July, Ben returned, and today they were reunited in play. We took them both out to an adventure playground, for a walk in a wood, to the beach and lots and lots of ice cream, hot chocolates, cake and fun - they had a great time as did Anders, Marvin, Carly & I.

Here they are slurping on hot chocolates after having been swimming in the sea and I love this shot as it is one that can convert to every person who has had a good old drink of something with a great friend. Now, this will be my entry, but Dexter should have his own so I will let him chose once he has seen all of the photo's I took of their reunion which should be by Wednesday!

the chocolate washed down the cake that they also consumed!

of course they pulled faces, told jokes and chatted away the way two best friends do....

but more importantly, they revelled in the fact that despite having been apart for a year, they still were indeed the best of friends.....

I have a lot of great captures of this reunion date, but here are a few to be going on with wonder which one Dexter will think depicts him and his best buddy best of all?!

The Paper Mama


  1. I'm so glad Dexter has his best buddy back!!! These are awesome shots and I just love the story behind them. What a happy reunion! Perfect for this week's challenge! :)

  2. aw. what sweet friends!! :)