Sunday, 1 August 2010

Just the 2 of us!

You know, there is nothing nicer than seeing two best friends having so much fun playing together and that is what Saturday was all about - having fun and being with friends and those you really love.

After a giggle at being tickled by Ben burying Dexter, it was time for him to relax before pretending to rise from the grave like a Mummy with the 2 of them snorting in excitement at their jokes!

Ben too wanted to be buried and so started by seeing if he could do it this way to be a bit more creative....

....but that took too long so did it the traditional way and then Anders and I helped and got him to the required burial arrangement!

Of course there is nothing like awakening your senses after an old fashioned sand burial than running into the cold sea!

Having been apart for a whole year whilst Ben was in Japan made this reunion all the sweeter - they are just such good friends - awww, bless them! Both were so delighted to be playing with each other in person - Skype was great but this is so so much better!

Having washed off all the sand, played about running backwards and forwards to the water, into the water and back, it was time to warm up and stop shivering!

So we gave them warm towels and walked to the local cafe where we all had either cappuccini or hot chocolate and cakes which worked a treat - as did the sun which came out just in time to dry and warm this pair up too!

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