Monday, 16 August 2010

Stick Man

Took Dexter & Ben to see Stick Man on Saturday which was also Ben's 8th Birthday. At first when we were sitting down we wondered if it might be too young for both Ben & Dexter, but as soon as it started up, the nostalgia of it all shone through and we loved it, it was just so lovely (just see for yourself the video I took of the ending).

It is a story about a stick man, his lady love and there 3 stick children. Stick man goes out for a jog and ends up being chased by a dog, thrown by a girl, used as part of a nest for a swan, used as a bat on the beach before being forgotten about in the cold, escapes being put on the fire by Santa who re-unites him with his lady love and three stick children for helping him get unstuck when coming down a chimney and delivering presents to all the boys and girls - "we're so happy, wheeee"

A delightfully lovely show for all the family.