Sunday, 22 August 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Dexter was ready for staring in his own movie today. Spud gun was at the ready and in his head he had his leading lines!

Doh, what were they again!

I shouldn't laugh with a spud gun pointing right at me should I!!! Maybe my leading lines should be "help, help me" or "please don't shoot me kind sir"......

But then if this was a movie, maybe I should be sat somewhere comfortable.....

with my family (getting comfy with my new camera in the photo!)

or maybe just with my feet up!

As you may have spotted, comfortable has now taken a slightly different turn for me.....
My husband Anders has been nagging me a lot,
So finally I have given in and an Olympus Pen I have bought!
(1/2 price so a price tag which meant I felt more comfortable about buying it too)!

So here it is, my beautiful Olympus Pen in a really pretty metal case (not that the i-phone has done it justice because it is clearly feeling a bit put out). I will still be taking lots of photos on the i-phone as I still really like it but now I have the comfort of having a choice! A challenge from my normal footing!

Talking about footing - how lost would we be without our amazing feet?

which keep us grounded....

and take us to places

propel us to heights.....

lift up our spirits just thinking about the possibilities.
You just have to let your feet take you there, see what is really in front of you and enjoy your life - one step at a time.

Don't believe me well they say seeing is believing - maybe we should ask the Cyclopean tree!

Too mythical, well what about seeing things in dreams?
A Freddy Nightmare after all is just a dream....

and a sweet little baby is just that when you chose to see her like that......

Not sweet enough,
Well lets rewind and go back to seeing again!
Mmmm, let me see what sweet thing might tempt us?
Right in front of Marvin's nose?

(Dexter photo with ice cream taken on new Olympus Pen)
or maybe you would prefer a sweet desert - blueberry cheesecake, mmmmm

That's a sweet game!

Time to sleep again, but this time not with Freddy nightmares!
Instead I wish you a comfortable sleep
in a comfortable cosy bed where....

you can rest your head and feet,
and dream your own leading lines.
Sweet Dreams!


  1. Love the feet in the clods, and that cheese cake looks yummy. An Olympus Pen is NICE enjoy it!

  2. I love your writing that supports your scavenger hunt items - it really cracks me up...and of course your interpretations are always great. Have a great week.

  3. beautiful set of did a good job on capturing it..i love them all!..

    my entry is up here

    happy sunday!

  4. I always love reading how you combine the items into a story. I love your feet in the air shot!

  5. What a great read! I liked the ice cream shot. :) Very sweet...

  6. I look forward to your scavenger post each week, always so much fun

  7. Great photos and great story! Enjoy the new camera!

  8. I was seriously cracking up over the leading lines photos - I love the faux mustache. I also love the baby shot - too cute!

  9. I love every leading line photo... especially the ones with mustaches! :) Great pics!

  10. Great interpretations & story to go with them!!! Made me smile this morning!!!