Thursday, 5 August 2010

B is for big baby bump bump!

I love Ellie Goulding, she has such a lovely voice, slightly haunting and reminiscent at times to Biork. I heard this on the radio after having captured shots of a heavily pregnant lady who I know is due her baby very very shortly and feeling very tired, heavy and big.....

Having photographed her large and lovely belly full of what will hopefully be a beautiful bouncing baby boy, I mused over how lovely it was carrying my wonderful son.

This bond between a mother and baby, this whole creative thing that goes on, often making the mother feel as as though the baby is controlling her every emotions. Feeling that it is the baby that is pulling all the strings dictating how she will feel, what cravings she will have, how much sleep she will be able to take, how comfortable she will feel - oh the list goes on, and at the end of the pregnancy term, the excitement, anxiety, frustrations and guilt for feeling frustrated!

The wonder of life and how it never ceases to move your emotions in one way or another and sometimes feeling overwhelmed all at once. The joy you see from seeing this baby grow and creatively become some other person, still part of you, yet their own being that you can share perfect moments with.... sigh!

That said, knowing that this bundle of loveliness that is growing inside of you, something that you have been involved in creating from two cells combining and multiplying is so emotional and overwhelming at times. This creative growth that goes on and continues long after they have vacated their warm dark and cosy room. The baby doesn't know that sometimes vacating that room, that nest it so carefully made for itself to leave behind an empty wobbly shell of a bump which takes a lot of time to work off, if ever will have an effect! So on looking at this magnificent bump I muse sometimes that perhaps it might be as simple as giving in and saying "you be the writer" but unlike the song, of you will be there at the end when you take back the charge of that creative writer that was always you!

After all, there is nothing black and white about being pregnant and having a baby, and each lady will have similar and yet very different roller coaster of feelings, emotions and experiences, it is between her and her baby!

Yet each outcome will grow into something much bigger and even more beautiful than that first spark which grew into such a beautiful big baby's 1st room of a belly bump!

Bigger Picture Moment


  1. lovely song, lovely photos. there is something truly sacred about growing a baby.

  2. Oh, yes. Being pregnant is such a beautiful time. The bond between mom and baby always makes my heart well with memories of my own pregnancies, much like it did for you.
    Lovely sentiments and captures of such a wonderful moment in time.
    Thanks for linking today. :)

  3. what a beautiful song and belly. you got some great shots.