Thursday, 5 August 2010

Summer of Fun....

How would I capture summer,
like I hope I would capture the rest of the seasons,
just by filling it full of:

I think we have achieved that this summer with all the stuff I have written so far, but this fun fest is not stopping now, as August sees the start of the Edinburgh Festival - yey!

There will be carnivals, concerts, plays, parades, market stalls, fireworks - you name it, Edinburgh will display it and we are just so excited so perhaps the best of the summer is still yet to come.

So my summation of Summer has to be Fun, and if you would like to see it through my eyes, then just keep popping back as I will be listing it all!!!



  1. Oh, so jealous your living near the edinburgh festival - it's on my list of places/events that I really want to visit at some stage. I've heard such wonderful things about it.

  2. YOu and that iphone of yours crack me up. I'm really impressed with the quality but seriously, your ability to see the's just great.

  3. Summer fun is the best. Happy summer!

  4. You have seriously accomplished FUN this summer; can't wait to see what August brings

  5. This is a fun shot! I love it!

  6. Yep! That was just perfect. You captured it with perfection! : )