Sunday, 22 August 2010


Well the orient is a subject that we have a lot of stuff on as our house is full of oriental things (because I love the colours and for as long as I can remember have had been drawn to oriental artifacts). I am lucky enough to have acquired over time so many oriental things from dragons, gods, masks, samurai armour, an old Chinese ornate robe, kimono's, blessings - even one of our clocks! I am not however going to use this as an excuse to catalogue all the things, it would take far too long I kid you not. Instead I will focus on just a few of the Buddha's we have

Blessed Buddha with Boy looking over shoulder....

Bald laughing Buddha with big bountiful belly....

Beautiful yet battered through time, Buddha -
this head below is hundreds of years old and is about 3 ft high and 1.5 ft wide!

Bestowing benevolence....

and protecting me from the rain - my new umbrella which I happened to buy yesterday - coincidence or Divine inspiration?!

Which happened to keep me dry yesterday when the weather changed unexpectedly!

The Sunday Creative


  1. These are great!
    But I'm especially loving that umbrella. What a fun find!