Sunday, 1 August 2010

Sunday Scavanger Hunt

Dexter Chat has his eyes wide open

but not at this thistle which was situated on the wide open battlefield site at Culloden. This wide open field saw the last ever battle on British soil which was back in 1746.

There have been many squabbles however since then on British soil. Just one example being this one between a swan and a pigeon! The Swan let it rip by opening wide its beak and shouting at the poor wee pigeon - time for a swift exit!

time to look at the clock face situated in Fort George. The fort was built after the battle of Culloden in 1746 (the last battle on British soil) to ensure that there would never be another Scottish uprise against the English.

If we move forward in time by about 100 years you can tell the time on this clock which I see every single day.....

..... or then again if we move forward in time again there is always the floral clock situated right in the city centre of Edinburgh, facing the castle itself. It is celebrating 100 years of girl guides at the moment and even has a bird that comes out of the bird house periodically!

However my favourite clock face of all is the one I got from the lovely Anders when I found out I was pregnant with Dexter on Valentines Day back in 2001! This shiny watch reminds me when its small arms look up at me, like that of Dexter whose arms I love seeing open wide for a cuddle that every second spent with them both is so very very precious and is something that I will never cast aside like some piece of junk!

Amazing what you can find at a flea market that some people think of it as junk and others as treasure.

Like a shiny tin motorbike toy....

.... or a variety of shiny trinkets that once belonged to someone else....

..... like this shiny plastic puppet set.....

All sitting in a flea market waiting for someone to buy them again and play with them.

Definitely however something that is not a piece of junk is my wedding band - no it is shiny, sparkles on my finger a monument of loveliness to our time spent together! The funny thing is that this ring although new to me when Anders and I married it had once belonged to someone else as we bought it in an antique shop in New York.

and I see that no price tag or payment is required by this hard working bumblebee with its shiny wings....

....and shiny eyes.....

......which I look on in awe just like I did when I looked upon this huge spectacle...

.... a view from below looking up at a most impressive dam which holds back a reservoir of water from the glen behind!

... as I approached the dam and got right up close, and looked up from below, I just felt so tiny and insignificant - it had a feel of what it might be like looking up at the pyramids and the wonder of how something of this magnitude was made by man! Oddly enough, this last photograph also has a silvery shine to it too.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...& I'm so glad you did because I'm going to enjoy following yours :D & what a sweet story behind the watch, really touching!

  2. Cool photos --- i love the shiny wings on the bumble bee and ALL your clocks.... very nice!

  3. I love the swan yelling at the pidgeon! Pidgeons in Philadelphia are everywhere, more like flying rats - total scavengers! Glad to see the swan tell him what for!

  4. I love your photos, of course...but I really love how you tell a story as you present each photo. Great work!

  5. The photos of the dam are amazing.

  6. Nice to see a fellow Rocking Jock. Although I currently live in San Francisco, I was born and lived in Shotts until I was 17. Love the dam photos, and the thistle, I seek them out whenever I can here in CA.

  7. I really love all your clock shots..they are wonderful. Great photos.