Monday, 23 August 2010

Dolly the Sheep & Me!

I was just doing some homework with Dexter this evening which was about Edinburgh and what it is famous for and what famous people were born and came from the city we live in. We discussed lots and lots of stuff including Dolly the Sheep! What really made me smile was when he asked me what cloning meant and I explained to him about the scientific importance of Dolly saying "Imagine if they took a cell from me from maybe my skin or hair and grew that to make another Mummy! That is what they did when they cloned Dolly, they took a cell from a sheep and made it into exactly the same sheep and called it Dolly right here in Edinburgh".

Quick as a flash Dexter then said (and this is what made me laugh and my heart burst with joy) "Cloning a piece of you to make a double of you..... that would be double the love, double the cuddles" and this was said enthusiastically and with a massive smile on his face.

Double the competition for me though so not so sure having a clone of me would be that great for me when I think about it!!!!


  1. That is so sweet. Funny...the professor who cloned Dolly is now teaching and researching at the University of Georgia and works about 5 miles from my home.

    Small world!

  2. What an adorable little boy you have